23.2.2019 Class 4 H at TEDxYouth@Roma


On 23rd February, the non-profit organisation TED hosted the TEDxYouth@Roma event in Auditorium della Conciliazione in Rome and our class 4 H took part in this event - included in our ASL experience - since public speaking in Italian and in English and a sense of ownership towards the global issues of our planet are important goals for us.

This conference was addressed to young people and was meant to allow room for students from all around Italy to share their thoughts about fundamental issues corcerning the future.

We as a society tend to forget the important role us young people are going to play in the immediate future: this event was essential to celebrate the ideas coming from brilliant and talented high school students.

Hundreds of pupils sent their application, and eventually twelve students were selected to hold a speech in front of an audience of more than a thousand people and present their vision for the future of our society.

Every speaker shared their personal perspective on the uncertainties of tomorrow, creating their own points of reference and instruments to face the future starting from our present.

Each of them focused on a particular goal they hoped to be achieved, many of these goals were related to the one of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, such as gender equality (Goal 5) , climate action (Goal 13), inclusivity (Goal 16), mental and physical health (Goal 3), and identified a main obstacle to it, such as misinformation, lack of empathy and xenophobia.

They all highlighted the need to take an action and step forward for better times to come, and brilliantly succeded in conveying their message of hope for a future in which we are going to be the leading players, not spectators.

A.P. and F. C. from class 4 H, 2018-2019

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